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3 Beautiful Wedding Photography Styles You Need To Know

Without style, a wedding photo could not be "worth a thousand words" nor could there ever be a wedding photographer. Style is what showcases an image's personality and all that makes the wedding unique while allowing the artist behind the camera to express themselves in a satisfying and creative way. Here are 3 beautiful wedding photography styles that you need to know to that will showcase your love like no other.


This style oozes affection and seeks to emphasize the couple by capturing the magnetic connection between them and those details about their relationship that makes their love special.


A mixture of creative lighting, posing and professional editing techniques that creates an overall stunning composition.

Photojournalism This style may incorporate a traditional style of wedding photography but it's main objective is to document the day by capturing the events taking place before the lens thus telling a story of the wedding day. Which style do you love most? Or maybe you love and want them all, that's fine too! #loveforever

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