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5 Favorite Wedding Ring Shots

Who doesn't love some bling and interesting stories?! I wanted to showcase 5 of my favorite wedding ring shots I captured of some of my lovely couples and why.


This ring 1st belonged to my Bride Courtney's grandmother that was given to her as a gift from her grandfather. When the grandmother sadly passed away, Groom Joshua used the ring to propose to Courtney on a romantic, wine tour here in Virginia. When I photographed their outdoor engagement session, I wanted to tie in more of nature in their images. The pine cone offered the support needed to hold the ring up to let the it shine. I think it's really special when a gift keeps on giving and can be enjoyed by generations to come..


This ring shot was from the second wedding I photographed at The Ward Center for Contemporary Art in Petersburg, VA. There's a space in the museum that offers very dramatic lighting and a flat surface which I used to capture this simplistic yet modern shot of the rings. At first, Tiffany's ring didn't want to cooperate and kept falling over! After several tries, it finally rested on Matt's ring, allowing me to capture them and showcase them in a way they've never seen them before.


Did you know tulips generally mean perfect love which was absolutely fitting to use the ring and flowers together since they both mirror that which brings us together in matrimony. I love the boldness of the yellow tulips and how it highlights the intricate designs of Mrs. Altimese's ring.


In post-production, I turned these red rose petals black (The clients received the color version of the image, too) to create a stark contrast between the rings and the flowers and plus I wanted to do something different. It's not often that I come across black roses. This one really speaks romance to me.


These beauties were taken atop of the Bride's bedazzled flats! I often like to use what's around me to incorporate in portraits to create something beautiful and unique. Her shoes were actually one of the first things I saw before I started capturing more detailed shots of her accessories. So when I saw the rings, it made perfect sense to me to put the two together to create the shimmery still-life portrait. Which one is your fav wedding ring shot and why? Comment below and don't forget to subscribe for future blog posts and more! Love Forever, Karea

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