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5 Things To Consider Before Booking A Wedding Photographer

Once the celebratory "dust" has settled from the engagement, the date and venue is booked, then it's definitely a good time for you or your wedding planner to do research on who you would love to capture some of the most special moments of the big day. Some important things to consider and go over during the beginning stages of your wedding planning process are: 1. STYLE

Does the Photographer's art and style resonate with you? Styles of photography range from: Intimate, Dramatic/Fine Art and Photojournalistic just to name a few. See our blog post, 3 Beautiful Wedding Styles You Need To Know for more of an explanation of each style. We've worked with couples who had varying styles so it's very important to capture both. That way, everyone is getting what they want and is more than happy.

2. FORGET ABOUT LOVING YOU, WILL I EVEN LIKE YOU FIRST? Meeting/chatting with the photographer before saying "Yes!" is essential. It's a good idea to see if the Photographer is personable, someone you can trust and easy to communicate with.

3. RESPONSIVENESS Are your emails, calls, texts, etc. being responded to quickly or does it take longer than the usual 3-5 business days to be responded to?

4. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BUDGET Don't spend beyond your means BUT also don't cut corners to try and get what you truly want. According to WeddingWire and other various related sources, it's not uncommon for 10-12% of the wedding planning budget to be allocated to the wedding photography. 5. COVERAGE Decide prior to reaching out, how many hours of coverage you'll need for the wedding. We've found that our most popular package, More To Love which includes 6 hours of coverage, offers a good amount of time to capture the pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception and some extra things in between. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, don't hesitate to bring them up during the consultation and of course before actually booking the wedding photography. Check out our latest blog post 3 Beautiful Wedding Styles You Need To Know. #loveforever

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