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Historic Pole Green Church in Hanover, VA

Just about 12 miles from the city's center, in the picturesque countryside of Hanover, Virginia, stands a modern interpretation of what once stood as The Historic Pole Green Church. The land that the church sat upon belong to George Polegreen, which he would later be tributed in the church's name founded by a young, licensed minister named Samuel Davies of Pennsylvania. From within the now missing walls of the church, was a striving for substantial change within the religious, political sectors of the time as well as for the education of African-Americans and more. Given its rich history, Historic Pole Green Church continues to stand as a testament of life and liberty and presently romance as it's a popular space to use for engagements, Bridal/Groom portraits and weddings for anyone. Even 2x Grammy Award winner and Virginia native, Jason Mraz wedded Christina Carano here in a beautiful, intimate ceremony! Visit https://historicpolegreen.org/ to learn more about Historic Pole Green Church and to schedule your session, contact us today at www.foreverkareart.com. #loveforever

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