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How much wedding photography coverage do I REALLY need?

Time is valuable and it’s so important for couples to know much of it they need to capture those special moments for their wedding day. We definitely want our couples to have an out of this world experience during the picture taking and do not want our couples feeling rushed or worried about the time during any of it.

We’ve put together a timeline that gives couples an of idea of how long things may take. Please keep in mind, this is not a blueprint that can be applied to all weddings as there are many factors that can affect the photography timeline of a wedding day (culture, locations, etc.) This is from our experience of photographing weddings and we just hope this helps our couples when it comes to choosing the right photography coverage.


Approx. 1.5 hours

This is where the magic starts to happen. During this time, 30 minutes are allotted to detailed shots of the shoes, dress, rings and other details that are important to the couple are captured. 30 minutes are spent capturing makeup, hair and the putting on of the dress/shoes. Portraits of you and your significant other looking spectacular are taken soon after for an additional 30 minutes.

Timing may vary as things may have to be moved around or other suitable locations (Bridal suite or hotel suite would be best to use) have to be sought that are more appealing and will produce a better outcome in terms of the overall composition of the images.


Approx. 45 minutes - 1 hour

After the “I, Dos” the wedding planner or a designated family member/friend would gather those who are to be captured for the after ceremony photos. We first start off with some basic/traditional posing and then move to some more fun poses that are packed with personality.

We also love to capture individual photos of you and those who are in your party who love and support you. These are people you share many good memories with that mean so much to you and you’re always going to want to remember that in when you look back at your images. If there are elderly family members/friends that you would love to have pictures with, as courtesy, we capture them first.

Simultaneously, the second shooter would be capturing the cocktail hour as well as details of the venue and reception area before guests enter in.


Approx. 45 minutes - 1 hour

During this time, we focus our attention on capturing the connection, emotion and romance between the both of you in the best possible light and backdrops that highlight you both.


Here are a few more photography suggestions to consider when planning your wedding:

  • First look photos of the couple/ portraits prior to the ceremony (aporox. 45 minutes - 1 hour)

  • First look photos of the reception (approx. 10 - 15 minutes)

  • Photos with each guest (Time varies as well as set up especially if you want a more formal set up or would love for this to be done at the table of your guests (approx. 5 - 10 minutes per table)

  • Sunset/Evening photos (approx. 20 - 30 minutes)

Now that you have more of an idea of how long it takes to capture those special moments that you don’t want to live without, we’d love to know which one of our 4 packages you’re considering choosing! BUT before you do, check out this of other helpful blog post before deciding, 5 Things To Consider Before Booking A Wedding Photographer.


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