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Love is what started it. Love is what keeps it going.

If it wasn't for love there would be no Forever Kareart and there would certainly be no me. Hi and I'm Karea!

I wanted to take the time to explain more of my creative journey apart on here. As the Owner/Photographer, I have been brought to a place of increasing self-discovery and more than ever a desire to creatively express through art as I continue to help others here in Richmond, VA and beyond. I'm originally for Los Angeles, CA but has been living a great portion of my life here in Virginia. When I was little, I was drawn to art. I felt this connection to it that I had a hard time expressing. I remember being 3 years old doodling in my parents room with a pencil. I couldn't tell you what I was thinking at the time. As the years went on, I realized I not only had a love for drawing but also painting. I made it a point to learn and grow as an artist as much as possible by making sure I was taking art classes throughout my school years, observing more of what's around me, visiting museums, etc. I even had the incredible opportunity of traveling to various parts of Europe with my high school art class that was so inspirational and life-changing for me. I pleaded with my parents to go on the trip . While hesitant at first, they came around and we all worked our asses off to help so that I could have that once in a lifetime experience. I didn't even think someone who looked like me, who didn't come from a super rich background and was pretty shy would be standing in front of the Louvre, sleeping in a quaint and quiet town in the Alps, squishing black sand between my toes as I stare out at endless grey waters on a beach in Italy. I've also studied Graphic Design at Old Dominion University and received my Associate of Applied Arts Degree from John Tyler Community College. All of those experiences has shaped me into the artist I am today. About 20 years ago from that doodle session, I was in another bedroom but this time sweating, feeling so many different emotions. It all kind of felt like some sort of melodrama playing out before me. This was they day I officially became a business owner and was staring at my business license on my laptop's screen. My husband and 1st born, who was 3 months old at the time, were chillin' on the bed next to me when all happened of this happened. I was ready to take on the world with my camera while not knowing all that I wanted to do and where I'd end up. Funny how things come full circle. The name Forever Kareart refers to the belief that "Forever I am art." I say that in the most humble way. I believe we are all expressions of art. Art is a part of me (I even put my name in the business name) and it can never be erased or taken away from me. It stands forever. When it comes to who I am and what I do, I desire to be known as an artist among other things. I hope that my children, who I share with my best friend of almost 8 years (Wow, time flies!), have a love for the art of photography.

For awhile, I photographed nature and various inanimate objects . I slowly worked my way up to people to what I specialize in now, wedding photography. There are quite a few things I love about wedding photography such as:

- The connections and the stories that the couples share while being able to capture them in an intimate, dramatic, fun way - The idea of taking the time and consideration to plan a day that will be remembered for years and years to come - The editing process and quick delivery of images without sacrificing quality I love to look at what I do, behind the camera especially, as a collaborative commission. The couples are living, breathing masterpieces who implant themselves onto the canvas (wherever that may be). Think about that...art walking into art---how amazing is that? So I'm the painter using my mechanical paintbrush to have my muses in the right position, to use the right amount of color or absence of it, the right amount of space, etc. ultimately to create beautiful "digital paintings" that I want you and everyone else to love. Besides the couples being such a huge inspiration in creating these "digital paintings," I draw inspiration from my family, light, shadows, what are considered imperfections, photographers such as Coreen Simpson and Annie Lebowitz, painters such as Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, even cinematographers such as Roger Deakins and Alfonso Cuarón Orozco. Now that you know more about me, my love story with the art of photography and what inspires me, I'd absolutely love to get to know you and your story so that we can work together to create something that you love. Please visit the Contact section on the website so that we can become acquainted. I'm looking forward to it all and thank you for reading! www.foreverkareart.com #loveforever

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